Catch the interview by Dr. Michael Brown

Excellent interview by Dr. Michael Brown with Pastors Bob Maddux and Mark Cowper-Smith about their new book. “Reluctantly Supernatural: In an Age of Reason – Lepers in the Twilight.” This interview will answer some of your questions and help you connect with the Supernatural Lifestyle God has for you.

Upcoming Radio Interview

Bob Maddux and Mark Cowper-Smith will be interviewed by Dr. Michael Brown on his radio show “Line of Fire” Dec. 27th at 12:30 pm – Pacific Time.​ about their new book, “Reluctantly Supernatural: In an Age of Reason.” Dr. Brown was a senior leader in the Brownsville revival. Today he is a well respected author, […]

Let’s start a dialogue

  We are thankful to Kris Vallotton for posting the book to his media. Here is a message to all our blog readers.

Dr. Marty Souza

Mark had the privilege of visiting a church in the Freemont, CA area. Check out this video from Voice of Triumph Church with Pastor Dr. Marty Souza. Click on this title to see this video.

What does it feel like to sign a book?

Have you ever had the experience of buying an new car and enjoying it so much you find yourself telling everyone you meet that they should buy one too?

Video Word from Pastor Bob

Pastor Bob has many rich stories and evidences of the supernatural in his life. You will read many of these stories in the book Reluctantly Supernatural. Enjoy this brief video posted on Facebook from Pastor Bob.

Story from Mark’s dad

  Go downtown to the corner of main and 1st St. at 11:00 am this morning. So said the thought in David’s  head while he was taking a shower. Would you go?