In this clip, Bob explains who you will hear interviewed on the podcast. It includes many well know leaders but it also includes regular Christians who are moving in the supernatural power of God. Here are just a few coming up starting July 7. Marc DuPont, Winkie Pratney, Dr. Michael Brown, Pastor Ray Bentley, Les … Continue reading

Get inspired with this great story

What is a power encounter? Do they exist today? In this introductory video to the podcast, Mark explains what he calls a “supernatural drive-by.” For most people, we live our lives in the "natural". Then something happens that coincidence cannot explain. This experience becomes an invitation from God to consider His involvement in our lives. … Continue reading Get inspired with this great story

Bob and Mark are recording episodes for something new!

A podcast that brings solid biblical answers to people’s hunger for the supernatural Today, in this postmodern world that is entering the 3rd decade of the new millennium, there is not only a fascination with the supernatural, but an obsession with it. In this podcast, we hope to address the whole realm of the supernatural … Continue reading Bob and Mark are recording episodes for something new!

Supernatural Peace

Mark shares a supernatural experience he had with God that has helped him during the current crisis our world is in. We'd love to hear what God is showing you. Please comment below. Transcript: It's week two and I'm wondering how you're doing and I'm wondering how I'm doing - how should we as Christians … Continue reading Supernatural Peace

Post your comments and questions here

Hello, We are so grateful for the comments many of you are emailing to us. We would love if you could post any of those comments and/or questions here. We are looking forward to getting some dialogue going. Comment Just read your book and wanted comment and ask a couple of questions. I am a … Continue reading Post your comments and questions here

Let’s start a dialogue

  We are thankful to Kris Vallotton for posting the book to his media. Here is a message to all our blog readers. We are very honored to know you have shown an interest in our book. Our desire is to help you to connect with the supernatural dimension of our Christian faith. We would … Continue reading Let’s start a dialogue