Supernatural Peace

Mark shares a supernatural experience he had with God that has helped him during the current crisis our world is in. We’d love to hear what God is showing you. Please comment below. Transcript: It’s week two and I’m wondering how you’re doing and I’m wondering how I’m doing – how should we as Christians […]

Living a Kingdom Culture

To live in a kingdom culture, we need to know what values and practices define the Kingdom of God. It would help us to define the characteristics of the kingdom of God if we could find those places in the Bible where the Kingdom of God is being practiced perfectly – where we can say […]

Prayer tips

Please enjoy these great prayer tips. Bob refers to them in his sermon. View the video here on our YouTube channel Always include thankfulness in your requests Philippians 4:6 Who to pray for: 1. Thumb – Closest to us – Family and friends 2. Index finger – Those who point the way – teachers and […]

What is Our Identity?

God’s supernatural power flows through our connection and closeness with Him. This sermon was recorded in Guadalajara, Mexico where we saw many lives touched by God’s love and power. Man started out as children of God in the Garden of Eden [the garden of pleasure]. Through stepping away from God as Lord and Father man […]

Does God really use mental images?

Mental images may come as still images or as “movies” [a scene being enacted in our mind’s eye]. The scene may be purely imaginary or it may be something that we have actually seen [a memory]. Here is one example of the “movie” variety. In Mark’s words: “I was scheduled to do a conference in […]

Can God talk to me in mental images?

How do we hear the voice of God? Or perhaps better put, how does God communicate with us in an immediate and personal way? God is capable of communicating to us through all of our senses, but most of the time He communicates to us through our minds and our emotions. He places thoughts and […]

Are you waiting well?

Have you ever been offended against God? Come on, let’s be honest for a moment. Have you ever felt disappointed with God? I have. Disappointment with God is possible because of a misunderstanding of what we like to call “breakthroughs”. We love our breakthroughs. We are all waiting for our “breakthrough”. We have received a […]

Exciting news

Mark and Bob may have the opportunity to appear on Sid Roth’s television program “That’s Supernatural”. Bob shares an interesting “divine” appointment that may point towards the possibility of appearing on Roth’s T.V. program.

Can we say no to God’s love?

In order to love, we must be free to choose not to love. If we are forced to love then our love is not love at all, it is just robotic or forced. Love requires freedom. For this reason, we were all created with the ability to say “no” to God’s love. Unfortunately saying no […]