What does it feel like to sign a book?

Have you ever had the experience of buying an new car and enjoying it so much you find yourself telling everyone you meet that they should buy one too?

I can’t help talking about the things that really make me happy. It could be nothing more than bragging, “Look what I have that you don’t”, but for me it is usually a desire to see someone else enjoy the car, movie, restaurant, etc. as much as I have.

This is how I feel at a book signing.

Writing a book is hard work. I calculated the hours that went in to writing Reluctantly Supernatural and we could have made more money babysitting.

There is only one good reason to write a book and that is because you are writing about something that really makes you happy.

When people come to buy our book there is no greater joy than believing that each person who reads the book is going to experience something of God’s love and power that we have felt. It is the joy of giving away some of what we have recieved from an amazingly loving and powerful God!

It is also a chance to make new friends.

For many of our new friends, Reluctantly Supernatural will introduce them into the wonderful world of the supernatural experience of God! What could possibly be more exciting?

We hope and pray that you will be one of them!

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