Let’s start a dialogue



We are thankful to Kris Vallotton for posting the book to his media.

Here is a message to all our blog readers.

We are very honored to know you have shown an interest in our book.
Our desire is to help you to connect with the supernatural dimension of our Christian faith.
We would enjoy conversing with you about any questions you have concerning the work of the Holy Spirit.
Our website is the best place for comments and questions. We look forward to hearing from you and we will do our best to answer both your comments and your questions.
If you like the book we invite you to leave a short review on Amazon. Hope to hear from you!
Mark and Bob
P.S. For those who have signed up as subscribers on the Reluctantly Supernatural site, we we have sent your free preview via email so if you don’t get it please check or let us know.

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