If you haven’t watched part 5 with Les Meredith, you really need to. These podcasts have been absolutely inspirational. The last episode, Podcast #5, ended with a story that took place in an airport. Les risks a specific prophetic word for a flight attendant. It turned out to be life-changing for her. It was … Continue reading INTERVIEW WITH LES MEREDITH – PART 6 – final


Sometimes it’s tempting to exaggerate the value of a sermon or a blog post. Even given the risk of being accused of exaggeration, you must watch this interview. This segment of the interview begins with the question, is Les special or can ordinary Christians hear from God as Les does? If not, why bother trying? … Continue reading INTERVIEW WITH LES MEREDITH PART 5

Interview with les meredith part 4

How would it change your life if you supernaturally knew the thoughts of God for yourself and others? Is it even possible? What is the spiritual gift called the word of knowledge? How do we acquire this supernatural gift? In this podcast, Les Meredith tells us how he acquired the gift of the word of … Continue reading Interview with les meredith part 4

Interview with les meredith part 3

People are often put off by the attention some Christians pay to the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit. For some, the spectacular nature of the spiritual gifts seems more important to them than the God who gave them. In this podcast, our guest Les Meredith helps us put the supernatural gifts in their rightful … Continue reading Interview with les meredith part 3

interview with Les Meredith

Have you ever had the thought that there must be more to the Christian life than what you’re living? In this first interview with Les Meredith, a successful lawyer, we will hear how a normal Christian responded to that thought, with life-changing results. For many of us, the question of how we start to live … Continue reading interview with Les Meredith

Mario Murillo part 4

These interview segments with Mario Murillo are inspiring, timely, and practical. We find that much of the time we’re told what to do, but we are not told how to do it. In this podcast, Mario Murillo answers the question, “Father, I want your power flowing through me. I want to live in a revival, … Continue reading Mario Murillo part 4

Join us August 25 – Interview with Mario Murillo

"Are you saying to yourself, "The world is a complete mess, I just wish I could hear some really good news!" Would it encourage you to hear about the power of God coming to depressed and desperate people? Listening to Mario Murillo's interview had that effect on me - pure encouragement!! Come and hear … Continue reading Join us August 25 – Interview with Mario Murillo

In this clip, Bob explains who you will hear interviewed on the podcast. It includes many well know leaders but it also includes regular Christians who are moving in the supernatural power of God. Here are just a few coming up starting July 7. Marc DuPont, Winkie Pratney, Dr. Michael Brown, Pastor Ray Bentley, Les … Continue reading

Podcast promo

Until you step out and try something everything you know about it is nothing more than theory. Only by risking will we experience the power of God. Mark and Bob's book, Reluctantly Supernatural in an age of Reason, is full of examples of risk-taking that resulted in life-changing power encounters. It is also a practical … Continue reading Podcast promo

Bob and Mark are recording episodes for something new!

A podcast that brings solid biblical answers to people’s hunger for the supernatural Today, in this postmodern world that is entering the 3rd decade of the new millennium, there is not only a fascination with the supernatural, but an obsession with it. In this podcast, we hope to address the whole realm of the supernatural … Continue reading Bob and Mark are recording episodes for something new!