Story from Mark’s dad


Go downtown to the corner of main and 1st St. at 11:00 am this morning.

So said the thought in David’s  head while he was taking a shower.

Would you go?

He did and at 11:00 am while he was standing on the corner a young man came up to him to ask where he could catch the bus to take him to the Ferry terminal.

David gave him the directions and asked him where he was going. The young man said he had come from “up island” and was making his way to the mainland for a job interview later that afternoon. He asked how much the bus fare plus ferry ride would be. David told him and the young man was visibly discouraged.

David asked him what was wrong and the young man told him he had spent all his money getting to the city. As he turned to walk away David said,

“let me give you some money”.

David gave him enough for the bus and the ferry and a little more for lunch. The young man was thrilled and said,

“Thank you and God bless you!”

David asked him if he was a Christian and the young man said,

“yes, I just recently found Jesus”.

David said,

“God told me to come down here and wait on this corner. You are the reason I am here!

Both walked away knowing they had experienced God that day. Should experiences like this be the exception or the rule?

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