wilkerson - optimized2There are many books about the prophetic ministry from a theological perspective and likewise there are many books filled with inspiring stories of the life changing power of an accurate prophetic word – This book is unique because it strikes a balance between sound theology and practical spiritual experience. This book speaks to one of the great issues the Church faces in our time – The Why and The How of being a voice to many who are seeking to hear from God in this generation.

Rich Wilkerson, Megachurch pastor Miami

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Rich Wilkerson

Science hasn’t answered all our ?’s

Wayne Goodall optimizedReading Reluctantly Supernatural in an Age of Reason is a wonderful reminder that signs and wonders, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit are very much alive in the global church. Mark Cowper-Smith and Bob Maddux have written a riveting book that promises the reader an inside look at the supernatural activity of the Holy Spirit in the lives of those who are Christ followers. In a day of cynics and mockers this book reminds us that the One who dwells within us is greater – greater –greater than the one who is in the world.

Dr. Wayne Goodall,
Dean, College of Ministry, Northwest University

Dr. Wayne Goodall

Michael Brown optimized3This book is just what we need! As America becomes increasingly secular and even hostile to the gospel, Christians are withdrawing more and more from the things of the Spirit, as if the way to win the world was to become like the world. In reality, we need to do the opposite: to be filled afresh with the Spirit and to reach out and touch a dying world in the name and power of Jesus.

But how do we do it? Where do we start? How do we avoid making errors of judgment and practice? In this book, you will be guided by two pastors with a combined experience of eighty-five years of ministry, two men with a heart to touch the lost and to engage the culture. Are you ready to step out in the wonderful world of the Spirit? Do it with this book in hand.


Dr. Michael L. Brown

Host of the Line of Fire radio broadcast
President of FIRE School of Ministry

Dr. Michael Brown

john ettore - optimized

This is the most comprehensive and informative book I have ever read on the gift of prophecy. The real-life stories will surprise you and the practical application will inspire you to step out and let God use even you in this amazing supernatural gift!

John Ettore, lead pastor,
Gathering Place Church

Pastor John Ettore

Paul Rapley quoteoptimized

This is an excellent book for anyone who is hungry to get past simply going to church and into the tremendous adventure of Holy Spirit led ministry.  God has created in us a hunger to see Him invade the impossible and work through us in ways that are beyond our own human efforts.  This book will help you explore the wonderful world of what He has made available to all that believe!

Paul Rapley,
International Healing Evangelist

Paul Rapley

Your book was the first time I’ve read some really compelling evidence and reasoning for the “emotional” aspect of the “Holy Spirit” being part of our lives.


What an engaging, challenging, and helpful book about growing our service for Jesus by experimenting with and using Holy Spirit gifts. I wrestled with their suggestion that any follower of Jesus can prophesy even though few have the title of prophet. Trusting their gracious, encouraging approach to this Holy Spirit gift, I find their teaching rings true. If you are up for a spiritual adventure that grows your curiosity and joy, don’t just read this book, use it as a manual for personal mission.
Rev. Dr. Bruce Humphrey,
Retired Head Pastor of a Presbyterian Megachurch

Rev. Dr. Bruce Humphrey