In this episode we asked our guest, Dr. Goodall, to share stories from his life about life in the Holy Spirit.

We often see evil presented through the media as personal confrontations with demons and demonized people. Wayde discusses just such an encounter while in Africa. Although such encounters exist, we as Westerners tend to see them as only occurring in unsophisticated cultures.

How does evil express itself in a sophisticated Western culture?

Join us for great teaching and encouraging stories from the realm of the supernatural.

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God intends you to live a supernatural lifestyle.

Here is more about Dr. Goodall

Dr. Wayde Goodall is one of the most versatile leaders I’ve ever met. He is beautifully fitted to our times. From neighborhoods to

Dr. Wayde Goodall is one of the most versatile leaders I’ve ever met. He is beautifully fitted to our times. From neighborhoods to nations, there is no setting too big or too small for Wayde. He is a phenomenal communicator and a phenomenal strategist. I consider Dr. Wayde a true gift to the body of Christ; he is someone I have personally looked to for guidance whether I’m facing a problem or exploring a possibility. Scott Hagen, Ph.D,  President, Northcentral University

Dr. Wayde Goodall is a one of a kind person of integrity, wisdom and compassion. I would highly recommend him for any speaking or coaching assignment . . . your life will be better by connecting with him. Dave Tucker, Production Director, Cornerstone Television Network

WaydeGoodall has authored and coauthored over 25 books and has served as a pastor, missionary, College Dean, Professor, and Non-Profit President.

He has served as the Strategic Pastoral Advisor with Focus on the Family as well as the Pastor to Pastors in a major denomination.  Through his books, conferences, coaching and working with individual pastors he has served thousands of pastors, para-church leaders, and churches.

Wayde is a member of the Church Growth International board (CGI). He is an adjunct professor at several Christian universities and seminaries. For seven years, he served as the Dean of the College of Ministry in the Pacific Northwest. He and his wife Rosalyn are the founders of Worldwide Family and Integrity Coaching International, he is a frequent global speaker on topics of, Balanced and  Healthy Leadership for Pastors and Church leaders, avoiding Burnout and Stress (also, recovering from Burnout), Conflict Management for Christian Leaders, men’s issues, business and church leadership, pastoral care, and with Rosalyn, numerous topics on marriage and family.

Presently Wayde serves as:

  •  Special Advisor to the President of Convoy of Hope as well as research specialist.  
  • Teaching pastor in Northern California.
  • Assists with church and pastoral ministries for Focus on the Family
  • Writing books, articles, and helps to churches
  • Rosalyn, is a professional editor and has served as a University faculty member

Wayde holds two doctoral degrees: Pastoral leadership, and a second with an emphasis on Marriage and Family. He also has a master’s degree in counseling and guidance, and bachelor’s degrees in Bible/theology and psychology.

As representative of charismatic churches in the U.S., Wayde served on the Pulpit and Pew “think tank” at Duke University (Seminary) that determined major areas of conflict in ministry. He also spearheaded the Enrichment Department (a resource for pastors) for a major denomination. He has created an 800-helpline for pastors and their families (over 25,000 pastors or their spouse have sought help and guidance). During this time, he also established The Enrichment Journal, a publication twice named Best Clergy Magazine by the Evangelical Press Association.

Together Wayde and Rosalyn founded Vienna Christian Center in Austria and served as senior pastors of two mega-churches (in Washington and North Carolina). Through the television program called Inspiring Life they have focused on topics of Hope for the downcast.

Dr. Goodall has advanced degrees in Leadership, Counseling, Pastoral Ministries and Marriage and Family. He has served as a pastor, professor, College dean, and missionary. Wayde and his wife Rosalyn live in Colorado Springs, have two grown children and two granddaughters that all reside in Colorado Springs.

Wayde and Rosalyns desire is to serve the body of Christ and assist pastors and Christian leaders.







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