What’s the deal with angels?

They show up often in the Bible, both in the old and new testaments.

Why don’t we see more of them today?

Have we ruled them out because of our Western/postmodern culture? Or perhaps, we just need someone “normal” to tell us about their encounters with angels.

Our guest, Marti Souza, is just such a person. In this first part of our interview with her, she shares about early childhood experiences with the supernatural and how later in her adulthood she came face to face with an angel.

If you watch this episode, you won’t want to miss the second one.

Marti Souza is a Kingdom entrepreneur, founder & senior pastor of Voice of Triumph Church in the Bay Area.  Her ministry ushers the Father’s heart of kindness, love and integrity to champion, empower, and commission God’s people within our communities, regions and the global family.

Over the years, as an apostolic leader she has raised many in their spiritual gifting, establishing supernatural schools, missionary teams, and personal spiritual coaching.  She is also the founder of Arise School of Seers and Prophets where she is equipping those who long to prophesy into their sphere of influence in marketplace, churches, government, entertainment culture, and media influencers.  Marti was honored with an honorary degree of Doctorate of Philosophy in Humanities from United Graduate College and Seminary International.

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Reluctantly Supernatural podcast approaches both the theological and practical aspects of our faith, but our emphasis is on the practical “how-to” questions. We are all made to experience His supernatural power.

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