Interview with les meredith part 4

How would it change your life if you supernaturally knew the thoughts of God for yourself and others? Is it even possible? What is the spiritual gift called the word of knowledge? How do we acquire this supernatural gift?

In this podcast, Les Meredith tells us how he acquired the gift of the word of knowledge. His story will make you laugh and cry tears of joy. You can have this gift too, tune in and find out how.

Join us next week for more great interviews and commentary!

Read more great posts on this website and buy the book at cost.

Les Meredith has been a teacher of Scripture for over 20 years, both through preaching the Word and leading Bible studies. He is also a leader of prayer ministries focusing on prophecy and healing in churches around San Diego and Poway. Les felt a call on his life in 2008 to pray for the sick, and the Lord blessed him to see many signs, wonders and healings. He has seen our Lord heal many diseases instantly, such as deaf ears opening, broken bones healed, spines straightened, addictions removed, and tumors disappearing.

Prior to 2008 Les had no experience with the supernatural blessings of God, and he believes if God would allow Les to serve with spiritual gifts then God will use anyone who is willing to serve with the heart of Jesus. Shortly thereafter, Les began asking the Lord for Words of Knowledge and prophetic words to use in ministry to help people, and they began falling like rain on Les both during ministry time and during business travels.

Les has led a Saturday morning men’s prophetic prayer group for the last seven years with members from multiple churches, and frequently provides prophetic words to strangers as he is at the mall, or on a plane, or even riding on the train… Les, and his wife Dawnette, love to see the Lord giving His compassion to heal the sick. They welcome the Holy Spirit each day to bring the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ however the Holy Spirit may choose to move upon us and with us.

Their ministry can be found at “JesusPowerToday” on Facebook. For speaking engagements and prayer opportunities, Les can be reached directly at Lmeredith@San.RR.Com

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