Bob and Mark are recording episodes for something new!

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A podcast that brings solid biblical answers to people’s hunger for the supernatural

Today, in this postmodern world that is entering the 3rd decade of the new millennium, there is not only a fascination with the supernatural, but an obsession with it. In this podcast, we hope to address the whole realm of the supernatural and challenge this current generation with the amazing opportunity that is before it. We hope they will see that there is a fantastical and powerful world of the supernatural that is the legitimate domain of those who truly know God. These have a mandate to display it to a world that is wandering and wondering in the “twilight.

One thing is for certain, a fascination with the supernatural is alive and well. It is living in the hearts and minds of people like never before. It’s clear that the human condition – whether religious or not is that we have been designed to hunger for a supernatural lifestyle.

Such a huge subject… where should we start?

Our motto is: “When in doubt, look for the answer in the Bible.” The Apostle Paul tells us to “desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy.” This supernatural gift is valuable because there is no problem or life circumstance that cannot be endured or overcome by simply hearing what God says about it. His word is our comfort.

Hearing a stranger speak the secrets of our hearts to us and then hearing him tell us what God says in response, in the very moment of our need, brings God’s presence to us in a way that no other experience can. A genuine and specific prophetic word delivered in love is truly an encounter with a supernatural God.

In our podcast we will be addressing this issue by interviewing some of the spiritual leaders of our time. Along with us you’ll be able to gain insight on how to “speak for God” in a world that increasing longs to hear something from the world beyond.


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