You Never Know Unless You Try

Here is an email I received yesterday. I pray this inspires you to give it a try.

Dear Pastor Mark,
Thank you so much for your message yesterday on the gift of prophecy. I was greatly encouraged by it. As you asked your congregation to pray for one another, I prayed for a friend who I was going to see later in the day. I knew she was discouraged, anxious & overwhelmed recently and I wanted to encourage her faith. I started praying for her. That’s when God gave me a vision of a horse. I honestly never prayed this kind of prayer before so I was too chicken to bring it up during our walk. 

I felt ridiculous, randomly bringing up horses to her. Haha! But the image was so strongly associated with her in my mind that I felt like I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to possibly encourage her,

even though I was risking looking like a fool. 

So I texted her a few hours after our walk the following:

“ As I’ve been thinking of & praying for you, God keeps giving me a vision of a horse…does that mean anything to you? Perhaps horseback riding for therapy? Figured it didn’t hurt to throw it out there. 

A few minutes later, here was her response:

“ Thank you for praying for me. That’s interesting about the horses…I have always loved horses and to me they seem so free and wild maybe that’s what God is trying to tell me that He wants for me to be free and live the abundant life…I’ve been doing a Bible study on it. Thank you for sharing that with me!”

Thank you Pastor Mark for your message. I was able to step out in faith…and God was able to encourage my friend’s faith & grow my faith in the process.

Your sister in Christ

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