Have you ever been disappointed?

The day prior to teaching on prophecy at our church I had a conversation with a friend from out of town. When I told her that I would be teaching about prophecy the next day she said she would rather not come because so many of the wonderful future “words” she had received had not come true. I suggested that rather than focus on prophetic words about the future, how about being open to something God might want to say to her about her present situation, or her present relationship with Him. 

She decided to come to church with an open mind. After teaching about the various ways God communicates with us we had an application time in which I had people pair off with someone they did not know. This was perfect for her because she was not a part of our church. She had come to our city for a much needed rest, she had been going through serious trials and she felt absolutely empty. 

She paired up with a woman in our church who told her she “saw” in her minds eyes a bunch of empty jars sitting in front of her and than God was filling them with fresh water. This meant allot to my friend because it was a perfect picture of how she felt [empty] and what she needed [God to fill her]. 

Then the woman told her she kept getting the word “kidneys”. This flabbergasted my friend because she has almost died as a result of a very serious kidney disease. My friend left church a different person. She knows she has heard from God and she is approaching her life with faith that God knows her situation and what she needs. Her view of prophecy has changed as well. It is no longer just about future blessings, it is about knowing what God wants to say in and for the present moment. 


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