New Video Podcast Coming Soon

The Reluctantly Supernatural Podcast was created because many Christians in the Western Church are uncomfortable with the supernatural dimension of our Christian faith. We pay lip service to believing in a supernatural God, but we have an aversion to supernatural experiences. Part of our aversion is cultural – we live in an age of reason. If we can’t measure it and explain how it works, we are suspicious of it. Part of it is our fear of the unknown. Another part involves our fear of being “out of control.” And yet, the Bible we read is full of a supernatural God doing supernatural things through everyday people. The sad truth is that we often miss out on one of the most exciting dimensions of our faith. We are reluctantly supernatural. 

Reluctantly Supernatural Podcast exists to deal rationally with the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit. That which is supernatural can never be fully explained scientifically but, through honest questions and honest answers, we can come to enough of an understanding of the supernatural gifts to hopefully trust ourselves into the hands of a loving supernatural God. When this happens, we find ourselves being used by Him to do life changing, supernatural things. Our podcast is committed to helping you discover the fullness of all that God has for you in His service – and this includes moving in supernatural power. 

One of the bittersweet things about getting old is that you live long enough to see most of the mistakes that people often make when dealing with the spiritual gifts of power. Bitter, because these mistakes misrepresent our God, but sweet because to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Bob and Mark have lived through enough spiritual experience to bring wisdom and balance to a subject that desperately needs it. We believe you will find our interviews interesting, challenging and probably mind changing. Without exaggeration, you may find them life changing as well. We will deal with the hard questions. We will respect contrary opinions. We will avoid anything that even hints at manipulation. 

Reluctantly Supernatural Podcast is a safe place to explore your own aversion to the supernatural dimension of your Christian faith. And so is our book. We hope to see you soon!

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