What if I can’t hear God’s Voice like I used to?

There are a few reasons for the condition of not hearing God’s voice like you used to. The first is very easy to fix. It may be that you have stopped listening in order to obey. Many of us, at times, only listen ┬áto hear what we want Him to say. It we do this […]

Are You People Angels?

What happens when you come back to your home church and tell them about the field trip to the mall? They want to do it too! So, ditto the whole experience. I teach for a weekend and then the next weekend we go to the Food Court at one of our local malls. It was […]

A Waitress Encounters the Supernatural

A few days after the field trip to the mall, mentioned in a blog last week, my pastor friend and I were driving to San Antonio for more meetings. On the way, we stopped at a sports bar for lunch. After we ordered, my friend asked me if I got anything from God for our […]

Quote from Walt Whitman

It is hard to find a Christian who doesn’t know allot about God. We have plenty of information about Him. Ironically, it is almost as hard to find a Christian who can tell you of a recent encounter WITH God. My point is that there is a difference between knowing about God and knowledge OF […]

Mark shares his “why” in writing …

I was born into powerless Christianity. I was told not to expect the kind of supernatural events written about throughout the Bible. Naturally, under this teaching, my longing for a supernatural dimension to my faith waned somewhat, but it never really ceased. Just the idea of such a life birthed a question in me; why […]