Mark shares his “why” in writing …

mark at wedding 2016I was born into powerless Christianity. I was told not to expect the kind of supernatural events written about throughout the Bible. Naturally, under this teaching, my longing for a supernatural dimension to my faith waned somewhat, but it never really ceased. Just the idea of such a life birthed a question in me; why would a supernatural God not want the people He indwells to be supernatural as well? If fact, how could we not be supernatural given the fact that His Holy Spirit is living within us?

When I asked these questions of my Bible teachers I was met with a variety of theological answers, none of which were adequate to dispose of my longing for “something more”. The sad thing about inadequate answers is that once you accept them you rule out the probability of growth. Growth becomes limited from being a journey of intentional exploration to one of accidental discovery.

As co-authors of this book, neither of us set out on a spiritual journey to answer the question, “Are the supernatural acts of the Holy Spirit really nothing more than history?” Nor did we us set out to resolve the issue of the relevance of the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit to our “church age”. Both of us discovered the supernatural dimension of the Christian life through an incidental supernatural experience – through experiencing a supernatural spiritual gift. These encounters sparked a desire to understand what we had experienced. This book is about understanding the supernatural dimension of our Christian faith and hopefully learning to live within it. Are you interested?

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