Quote from Walt Whitman

It is hard to find a Christian who doesn’t know allot about God. We have plenty of information about Him. Ironically, it is almost as hard to find a Christian who can tell you of a recent encounter WITH God. My point is that there is a difference between knowing about God and knowledge OF God. Our question becomes,

“How can I know God relationally – person to person?”

The truth is that God doesn’t impose Himself on us. He does not shout and He rarely causes handwriting to supernaturally appear on our walls. He generally makes Himself known subtly, but He is communicating with us far more often than we realize.

Coming to know how He communicates with us, in all its various and subtle forms is the key to developing a deep and satisfying relationship with Him. Reluctantly Supernatural provides a very practical route to accurately hearing His “voice”.

I trust you will enjoy this discussion – and would LOVE to hear your thougths in the comment box below.




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