Does moving in the supernatural power of God mean a life without difficulties? Often, we focus on the power but fail to talk about the persecution. In this interview, Georgian Banov describes the trials he and his wife faced in their marriage.

God restored their marriage in a most unusual, supernatural, and unreligious way.

There’s a life lesson for all of us in this.

Enjoy their story.

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Georgian Banov was born in communist Bulgaria. As a teenager, he was a founding member of the first official rock ‘n roll band in the country. Seeking freedom, he risked his life by escaping through the Iron Curtain and was mightily saved after coming to the United States. Georgian and his wife Winnie are the founding leaders of Global Celebration; they are a radical team bringing joy and freedom all over the world. They were part of the core team who wrote and produced the famous children’s albums Music Machine and Bullfrogs & Butterflies, which sold more than 3.5 million copies worldwide. Georgian also led the popular ’80s Christian band Silverwind. Their teaching and their ministry are full of God’s loving, joyful presence, bringing miracles and changing lives. Today they are dedicated to training ministry students and leaders, rescuing and caring for trafficked children, helping marginalized impoverished communities, and hosting evangelistic missionary events and conferences. For more information, visit and Georgian was one of the principal writers and producers of the award-winning children’s albums, Music Machine and Bullfrogs & Butterflies. He also led the popular ’80s Christian band Silverwind. Today, his teaching and ministry are full of God’s love, joy, freedom, and supernatural breakthrough.

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