interview with Francis Anfuso – part 2

Why do we hear God’s “voice” perfectly sometimes and not others?

Why are some prophetic words incredibly accurate and others are not?

Are all prophetic words accurate?

How can we deal with being wrong?

Come and hear Francis Anfuso’s answers to these important questions!

Oftentimes, we confuse Old Testament Prophetic ministry with New Testament Prophetic ministry. We wrongly believe that New Testament prophetic ministry has to be 100% accurate.

As we point out in our book Reluctantly Supernatural, this confusion is not biblical.

Today, we prophecy “in part”. We are not always accurate in our hearing of God’s “voice”. This is by God’s design.

Francis gives one very good reason why we are sometimes wrong. He also instructs us on how to deliver a prophetic word with humility and gentleness. He is full of practical wisdom. Listen in for wise instruction and encouragement in stepping out into the supernatural dimension of our faith!

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