interview with Francis Anfuso – part 1

Saul became the Apostle Paul and changed the world. Join us for Francis Anfuso’s story of how a drugged-out hippy on the verge of suicide was transformed into a powerful preacher for God.

How did he learn to hear God’s “voice”?

His story is full of wisdom that you can apply to your life. If you are like most Christians you suffer from the belief that you have to be special or highly qualified in order to be powerfully used by God.

When we read the Bible we find out that God uses ordinary, untrained “baby” Christians to do His work. He uses the foolish things to confound the wise. Francis’ story is the story of God using someone who most of us would reject out of hand. We often look for someone who is “ready, able, and willing”.

God often looks for someone who is simply willing.

Nothing in Francis’ past made him either ready or able to enter into a supernatural ministry, but he was willing. Join us to be encouraged to believe that God will take care of the “ready and able” part if we are willing to be willing.

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