Get inspired with this great story

What is a power encounter? Do they exist today? In this introductory video to the podcast, Mark explains what he calls a “supernatural drive-by.” For most people, we live our lives in the “natural”. Then something happens that coincidence cannot explain.

This experience becomes an invitation from God to consider His involvement in our lives. It is often the beginning of a supernatural lifestyle. It often happens when we least expect it. Mark tells the story of a friend of his who became a Christian as a result of God using a Coke dispensing machine to give him a free Coke.

Enjoy this excerpt of Dr. Wayne Goodall as he interviews Mark and Bob about their new podcast.

God wants us to seek Him persistently.

Reluctantly Supernatural podcast gives clear, practical Biblical insight on how we can do that.

Join us – We help you find God’s power in your life.

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