Prayer tips

Please enjoy these great prayer tips. Bob refers to them in his sermon. View the video here on our YouTube channel

Always include thankfulness in your requests Philippians 4:6

Who to pray for:

1. Thumb – Closest to us – Family and friends
2. Index finger – Those who point the way – teachers and leaders
3. Middle finger – tallest – Influencers authorities – teachers and leaders
4. 4th finger – weakest – sick, children – elderly
5. Little finger – myself – pray last

What to pray for:

1. Thumb – closet to my heart – pray for my heart – right with God – heart of others
2. Index finger – #1 first things first – priority and schedule – have a don’t do list
3. Middle finger – stands out – pray for your influence – your example
4. Ring finder – relationships, wife, family, friends
5. Little finger – last finger – last thing – material things

Praying in tongues

Speaking directly to God 1 Cor 14:2
Builds you up personally 1 Cor 14:4
Allows you to pray when you don’t what to pray Rom 8:26

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