Communing With God In Prayer with Pastor Bob Maddux

Bob taught a great sermon on Sunday about Communing with God In Prayer. This is a topic we need to visit often.  We have included the notes that you can follow as you listen.  Check back next week for the powerful prayer tips that Bob shares with the congregation. Please add your comments and questions and why prayer is important to you.

Trinity Church Pastor Bob Maddux 9-1-19

A. __________ of communion

1. There is a special joy in communion with God – It should be ______________ Ps 36:7-8

2. It’s a love ___________ with God – SOS. 1:3 Psalm 34:8

3. _________ love should be normal part of our lives Rev 2:3 – Phil 1:9 – Jer 2:1

B. Closet of communion

1. A secret place of ______________ Matt 6:5-6 Psalm 91:1

2. ___________ court ministry – Ezk 44:10-15

3. Followers of Jesus have the __________ of coming into God’s inner court

a. This is the __________ of intimacy with God in the heavenlies – Col 3:1-4 -Hebrews 8:5b Heb 10:19-21 (Message version)

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