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paul R

This is an excellent book for anyone who is hungry to get past simply going to church and into the tremendous adventure of Holy Spirit led ministry.  God has created in us a hunger to see Him invade the impossible and work through us in ways that are beyond our own human efforts.  This book will help you explore the wonderful world of what He has made available to all that believe!

Paul Rapley,
International Healing Evangelist

Reading Reluctantly Supernatural in an Age of Reason is a wonderful reminder that signs and wonders, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit are very much alive in the global church. Mark Cowper-Smith and Bob Maddux have written a riveting book that promises the reader an inside look at the supernatural activity of the Holy Spirit in the lives of those who are Christ followers. In a day of cynics and mockers this book reminds us that the One who dwells within us is greater – greater –greater than the one who is in the world.

Dr. Wayne Goodall,
Dean, College of Ministry, Northwest University

The Church around the world and especially in the United States stands at one of the most crucial crossroads in history. We must decide if we will be relevant and have transformational impact or return to the ineffectiveness of the middle ages. Today, people seek real power. They yearn for the true presence of God and are no longer fooled by cheap imitations. God’s love and the power of the Holy Spirit are the only things that truly separate us from all the other solutions that end in disappointment. Still, why is the Church opting for an alternate power source to fill the void where the Holy Spirit was once welcomed to flow freely? The book you hold in your hands will answer that question and many more. It wasn’t birthed in a marketing campaign or strategy session. It came about as a result of the Holy Spirit placing a heavy burden on the hearts of Mark Cowper-Smith & Bob Maddux to provide you with biblical keys to turn the tide and experience true revival. Read this book cover to cover and encourage those God has placed in your life who share your burden to do the same.

Jason Frenn, Author, Missionary and Evangelist

One is never enough. Two may be O.K. but three is even better and also more like God who shows Himself as our Uncreated Triune Creator. “This is the third time I am coming to you” (said a man who knew what he was talking about:) “EVERY FACT IS TO BE CONFIRMED BY THE TESTIMONY OF two or three witnesses.” (2Cor. 13:1) In a world deeply hungry for the supernatural, if you want to find a clear path through the spiritual fog that so often clouds a simple quest for the joy and pleasure of trusting God, you need to hear wise words from the mouth of two or three witnesses. Here it is. Two who have long learned from the Lord passed on to you what can help you be more like the Big Three.  I loved what I learned from this book. 

Winkie Pratney, Author, Teacher, and Conference Speaker

Paul, the Apostle, thought he had God all figured out – he had been trained by the best, had all the answers – but his God was in a very small box…until one encounter, one experience on the road to Damascus with the living God blew his box to pieces! God is not an intellectual concept that we learn about from a book, rather He is a loving Father who wants us to experience Him! Bob and Mark do a great job of sharing their personal journey in the supernatural, how they came to not only learn about God, but more importantly, experience Him…and how we can experience Him as well! If you want a nice neat, orderly, predictable God, this book is not for you! But if you are okay with messiness and unpredictability, this book is for you!

Pastor Steve Myatt Megachurch Pastor

Cowper-Smith and Maddux are concerned that the Western Church isn’t more Trinitarian. That is to say, where is the activity of the Holy Spirit? Over the past thirty years I have worked in Asia, Africa and South America where healing, deliverance and prophesy by the power of the Spirit is as common as worship bands are in western churches. The authors think they know why the supernatural activity of the Spirit is much less experienced here. In brief, the west has a non- supernatural tradition dating back to the Enlightenment while other cultures were not influenced as much, therefore, more open to the unseen real. They also offer ways for westerners to participate more in that unseen real.

Dr Ken Blue,
Author of “Authority to Heal” and “Healing Spiritual Abuse”

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