Things that I can’t explain

9.jpgI joined Bob to write “Reluctantly Supernatural” because I have always had some discomfort in the presence of spiritual activity I could not rationally explain or control.

I confess, before I became a Christian, I was an intellectual. I was also a lawyer which, in the eyes of my spiritual betters, pretty much ruled out any chance of my salvation. After my conversion I continued with my intellectual understanding of my faith, until it failed me. What do I mean by “failed me”?

It is very hard to read the bible with an open mind and not reach the conclusion that our faith is supposed to be a supernatural experience. Having reached that conclusion, I became dissatisfied with my [mostly powerless] prayers.

To be honest, prayer was a burden for me, particularly prayer for healing and those prayers that actually asked God to do something I could not do for myself. You know – something supernatural. Fortunately for me, I had a mentor and fellow intellectual who introduced me to the wonderfully unpredictable world of the Holy Spirit.

I actually began to hear God’s “voice”. No, I am not talking about the audible voice of God. I am talking about those thoughts that enter our minds from time to time that sound wiser and better than our own thoughts. These are the kind of thoughts that make us pause and think, “Maybe that was God.”

Taking the risk of obeying what I understood to be God’s spontaneous guidance, I began to experience the supernatural dimensions of the Christian faith. The change was like going from an old 19 inch black and white TV into the experience of an 80 inch, flat screen, high definition, 4K, surround sound, home theatre!

The world changed completely and so did my faith. Since that day I have lived to help others to enter into the wonderful supernatural world of God. If you have ever found yourself thinking “there must be more to my Christian faith”, then Reluctantly Supernatural is for you. One more thing; you can live a supernatural lifestyle without being weird – I promise! I have seen it done!

Come and join us for a spiritual adventure!

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