What’s with the title?

a-rs 300x200Lepers in the Twilight?

What a strange title for a book.

If that’s your response, it’s normal, but there’s an amazing story from the life of an ancient prophet that makes this title as contemporary as any modern movie or hit song. It’s all about stepping out into the unknown and seeing something supernatural happen.

It seems that the more reason and science tell us there is nothing to the world of the para-normal, the more the arts and media create stories that contradict those assertions. This is because there is something in all of us that longs for these stories to be true.

Do you remember the first time you heard about the miracles that Jesus and His followers did? Maybe you were a child or teenager when you first heard those stories. Or perhaps you became a Christian later in life and discovered the Bible as an adult. Do you remember your first reaction to reading these amazing stories – stories about a supernatural God interacting supernaturally with ordinary people? Do you remember a yearning to experience the sort of “God encounters” the Bible is filled with?

Mark and Bob remember very well the sense of longing the Book of Acts engendered in them. Sadly, we also remember being told that these accounts were nothing more than the ancient history of Jesus’ early followers.

We were told that the supernatural events common in those days are no longer possible today.

We were told that God no longer wants to work that way through us, in our age.

But what if the naysayers were wrong… What would life look like if it were lived supernaturally?

Come and explore the question with us!


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