Mario Murillo Interview

“Are you saying to yourself, “The world is a complete mess, I just wish I could hear some really good news!”

Would it encourage you to hear about the power of God coming to depressed and desperate people?

Listening to Mario Murillo’s interview had that effect on me – pure encouragement!!

We hear the amazing story of how God supernaturally called Mario to a region he never expected to reach with an outpouring of power beyond his greatest expectations. You will be encouraged!”

Mario tells the amazing story of how healing and hope is coming to Central California.

You won’t be disappointed!!” Join us next week for Part 2 of the interviews with Mario Murrillo.

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Reluctantly Supernatural podcast approaches both the theological and practical aspects of our faith, but our emphasis is on the practical “how-to” questions. We are all made to experience His supernatural power.

Mario Murillo Ministry

Need proof that Jesus is the Son of God? Hunger for a true moral awakening?

Convicted that we are supposed to have a much deeper impact on secular culture?

Convinced you are supposed to demonstrate signs and wonders as a part of your witness?

Want passion and power with balance?

Yearn to take a prophetic stand against the evils of today?

Desire your church to be a compelling witness and ground zero for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit?

Believe that deposits of truth exist in each camp of the church but that they must be blended in order to give an overpowering witness?

Expect one final worldwide outpouring and harvest that will envelope billions of souls before Jesus returns?

Welcome to Mario Murillo Ministries. We share your fire. We want to come along side you in this great quest. But we also want to learn from you. We are a forum to share God ideas from around the world. Every time you visit you will find answers, insight, training, tools, and constant encouragement. May God bless you and make you mighty in this final hour!

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