Part 2 – Marc Dupont

When we think of the work of the Holy Spirit we often think of some sort of Godly power flowing through us. In some circles this is all we think about. In this podcast Marc Dupont tells us of a deeper
experience which sadly many of us are missing out on.

But wait, there’s more! Many prophetic ministers are speaking of a new move of the Holy Spirit for America. In this podcast Marc speaks of what he sees coming for the nation. You won’t want to miss this message!

Marc Dupont is recognized as a prophet with a world wide ministry. He is also a gifted Bible teacher and author.

In our second interview with Marc Dupont he highlights the importance of understanding the
difference between Old Testament prophetic ministry and New Testament prophetic ministry.

He also describes what he believes will be the nature and focus of the next move of the Holy Spirit for our nation.

It is a very exciting and hopeful message. Come join us, you will be glad you did!


Marc DuPont is known internationally for his prophetic gift. In this video/podcast he shares his insights into the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit. Marc is the founder of Mantle of Praise Ministries, Inc., a ministry concerned with revival and restoring a prophetic edge to the whole body of Christ.

Reluctantly Supernatural is the podcast that helps you live the supernatural lifestyle that is your birthright. Do you wonder if there is more to the Christian life than what you are experiencing? The answer is yes!!

Come and learn with us how to move in the power of God for yourself and those around you. And fear, not, It won’t be weird.

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God intends you to live a supernatural lifestyle. You were created for it! It is your birthright.

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