Dr. Goodall tells the importance of reading Mark and Bob’s new book Reluctantly Supernatural at this time in our history. Dr. Wayde Goodall has written and co-authored 14 books, including; Success Kills , Why Great Men Fall , Conflict Management for Church Leaders , Marriage and Family , The Fruit of the Spirit , The Choice , The Blessing , The Battle, and Back to the Word.

Many of which are translated into several languages. Dr. Goodall is founder of WorldWideFamily.org which ministers to families, couples, men, pastors, and leaders in over 30 nations. He also frequently assists leaders, pastors, and missionaries with marriage and family discipleship training, as well as healthy ministry adjustment, and change.

Because of Wayde’s extensive writing, pastoral experience, and education, he frequently lectures at Universities and Seminaries. Wayde’s discipleship tools are being utilized by Focus on the Family for marriage and counseling in the international community.

Dr. Goodall was formally the Dean of the College of Ministry at Northwest University, Kirkland, Washington.

Do you wonder if there is more to the Christian life than what you are experiencing?

The answer is yes!! Come and learn with us how to move in the power of God for yourself and those around you. And fear, not, It won’t be weird.

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