Reluctantly Supernatural Podcast

Have you ever read the Book of Acts and wonder why it’s not happening today?

Have you ever wished you could have lived in those miraculous times?

Could it be that the Western Church is reluctant to embrace the supernatural dimension of the Christian faith? What stands in the way of living a life like that?

Often we have the fear that if we open ourselves to the supernatural, nothing will happen and we will be disappointed and worse off than if we hadn’t tried it at all.

Conversely, many of us fear that something supernatural will happen and our lives will become beyond our control.

Fear of the unknown has paralyzed us from moving into the things of the Spirit.

Enjoy this excerpt of Dr. Wayne Goodall as he interviews Mark and Bob about their new podcast. God wants us to seek Him persistently.

Reluctantly Supernatural podcast gives clear, practical Biblical insight on how we can do that.

Join us to help you find God’s power in your life.

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