What is so important about the gift of prophecy?

RS quote wilkerson banneThe Apostle Paul tells us to eagerly desire the gift of prophecy above all other spiritual gifts. Could it be that discerning the momentary communication of God could be the beginning of living a spirit-led supernatural Christian life?

We think so and so we are treating the gift of prophecy as the entry level spiritual gift leading to a supernatural life style.

Our hope is that once you experience living a life “in the Spirit” you will never go back to “cook-book Christianity”. Through experiencing the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit we have both come to understand that there is more to the Christian life than merely the correct application of biblical principles, as important as they are. Receiving the immediate guidance of the Holy Spirit ushers us into a whole new dimension of Christian living.

To see God’s supernatural works in our daily lives involves a walk of faith, stepping out into the “twilight” so to speak.

We recognize the “twilight” is a place of uncertainty, pitfalls, temptations and counterfeits, all of which need to be discerned and avoided.

We do our best to uncover them all. We teach how the gift of prophecy should be pastured, how to identify false prophecy and false prophets, how to respond to a potential prophecy for your own life, and the importance of character over giftedness.

For those questions we missed, we would be happy to hear from you – click here contact and we will do our best to help you toward your own growing supernatural life with God.

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