Dr. Michael Brown

Michael Brown optimized3This book is just what we need! As America becomes increasingly secular and even hostile to the gospel, Christians are withdrawing more and more from the things of the Spirit, as if the way to win the world was to become like the world. In reality, we need to do the opposite: to be filled afresh with the Spirit and to reach out and touch a dying world in the name and power of Jesus.

But how do we do it? Where do we start? How do we avoid making errors of judgment and practice? In this book, you will be guided by two pastors with a combined experience of eighty-five years of ministry, two men with a heart to touch the lost and to engage the culture. Are you ready to step out in the wonderful world of the Spirit? Do it with this book in hand.


Dr. Michael L. Brown

Host of the Line of Fire radio broadcast
President of FIRE School of Ministry

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