Are you waiting well?

Have you ever been offended against God? Come on, let’s be honest for a moment. Have you ever felt disappointed with God? I have. Disappointment with God is possible because of a misunderstanding of what we like to call “breakthroughs”. We love our breakthroughs. We are all waiting for our “breakthrough”. We have received a […]

You never know who you are influencing

Hi Mark, You don’t know me, though we met a couple times about twenty five years ago. I was probably eight or nine years old at the time. You were serving at with the Vineyard church in Calgary and came to do a weekend workshop in my small town in northern Alberta. My parents attended […]

Twilight Trek

Have you wanted to see God use you in supernatural ministry? Have you wanted to see the power of God displayed in our current culture? Have you wanted to see the kind of working of the Holy Spirit that the church in the book of Acts experienced? Then you’ll need to take a journey into […]

Intro to dramatic video – Twilight Trek

This discussion between authors Bob and Mark, explain the dramatic video “Twilight Trek.” You will enjoy the reenactments, music and dialog to cover one of the important themes of their latest book “Reluctantly Supernatural”.


Have you ever wanted to see God speak through you to someone in need of a touch from God. Have you wondered how the early church was used by God to speak to their world. Do you long to see God release his prophetic gifts in your life. If so, then this video will encourage […]

Introducing dramatic video – Oracle

Bob had produced two dramatic videos that will soon appear on our website. This interview with Mark explains the first of the two videos. These videos use reenactments, music and dialog to cover one of the important themes of our latest book “Reluctantly Supernatural”.

Teachable moment

This is the answer to the teachable moment mentioned in the last video from Mark and Bob – the one about the “sign” about being on the Sid Roth “Its Supernatural” TV show. When we receive a potential prophetic sign or word, what is our part in its fulfillment? “In the first year of Darius […]