Answers about Suffering

In our last blog we looked at the dilemma we face when we suffer. Suffering demands that we choose between two apparently opposing truths about the nature of God. Logic tells us that God cannot be both all-powerful and all loving if he doesn’t intervene to stop our suffering. We turned to the story of … Continue reading Answers about Suffering

Surviving Suffering

Satan is most effective in drawing us away from God when we are either being extremely blessed or experiencing real suffering. Each condition is vulnerable to a particular lie. Satan is the “father of lies”. Lying is not just in His nature, it is how he goes about separating us from our Father. Today we … Continue reading Surviving Suffering

What if I can’t hear God’s Voice like I used to?

There are a few reasons for the condition of not hearing God's voice like you used to. The first is very easy to fix. It may be that you have stopped listening in order to obey. Many of us, at times, only listen  to hear what we want Him to say. It we do this … Continue reading What if I can’t hear God’s Voice like I used to?

Hearing God’s Voice through Scripture

It is normal for people to turn to the Bible for guidance because the Bible is full of wise principles for successful living. But sometimes, God wants to use the Bible to speak directly to our hearts and minds to guide us supernaturally in the moment. Find out Bob finds direction for his ministry. God … Continue reading Hearing God’s Voice through Scripture

God taught Mark about hearing His Voice

Can one three letter word from God, the word "red", be unmistakable supernatural divine guidance? Is God willing to provide a one-word answer to silence our doubts? Does God care enough to answer our practical questions about what to do with our money? Mark has a story that will astound you and lift your faith … Continue reading God taught Mark about hearing His Voice

Truths about Truth – follow up post

Our post modern western culture has abandoned any concept of absolute truth. What this means is that the "rules" of evangelism are changing. To use a sports analogy, we are playing full contact football and our culture is playing soccer. We are simply not playing the same game. We are trying to sell truth to … Continue reading Truths about Truth – follow up post