Quote from Walt Whitman

It is hard to find a Christian who doesn’t know allot about God. We have plenty of information about Him. Ironically, it is almost as hard to find a Christian who can tell you of a recent encounter WITH God. My point is that there is a difference between knowing about God and knowledge OF God. Our question becomes,

“How can I know God relationally – person to person?”

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What is the difference between fruits and gifts?

Although this blog deals, in a new way, with the relationship in the Christian life between character and giftedness, it might be helpful to read my last blog before reading this one. In it, I suggest that the Christian walk is an act of balance between advancing our Christlike character on one hand and our Christlike actions [in the present case, Jesus’ deeds of supernatural power] on the other. Continue reading

Let’s Talk about Supernatural Evangelism to the Occult Community

“Many years ago, while in the first bloom of our new experience of the supernatural power of God, our city was hosting an annual psychic fair. Psychics and mediums, witches and warlocks, gurus and mystics all came together to spend three days advertising their powers. It was no small fair. It filled one of our city’s largest convention halls. Like the rest of the churches in the city we had a very negative reaction [who wouldn’t?] We believed our job was to pray against this fair and to hopefully confound its power to mislead those who attended. Continue reading